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About Us.

The Ingenium Group is an established community of business and technology professionals, delivering technology solutions for the Australian Federal Government. Since 2012, our people first "way of working" provides our teams and individuals with the flexibility, naturing, and career paths to be at their best.


We are an employer of choice that underlines staff retention as our greatest priority.


While remote colleagues drive outcomes from locations around Australia, our purposeful business model is sustained by long serving permanent team members. Our core group including the executive team, are all residents of Canberra and contributors to regional success.


Our mainstay client, The Federal Government, relies on our capable methods of continuous improvement as we strive for excellence through reliable partnerships.

Master Data Management


To foster ongoing, trustworthy partnerships by delivering tangible outcomes through people first initiatives.


Continually strive for excellence as we cultivate our company from better to great.

Cyber Security
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